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Worst Mistakes During a Job Interview – Read

Interview Mistakes
Interview Mistakes

Worst Mistakes During a Job Interview – Read

Out team in United States, conducted a survey of 3,061 companies responsible for recruitment and asked about the most serious mistakes in a job interview, the survey revealed the following:

1. A candidate left the meeting room in full interview because his cell phone rang and the conversation was “private”, leaving waiting for the interviewer.

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2. A candidate assured the interviewer that she intended to stay in the job for long, as it would receive an inheritance from his uncle, who was in “the past”.

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3. An applicant took the opportunity to ask the interviewer that would bring him home.

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4. A person smelled his armpits in front of the interviewer on the way to the meeting room.

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5. Applicant confessed to having been fired from his last job for having brutally beaten his former boss.


6. A person who refused to give a sample of his handwriting because all his writing was for the CIA and was considered “classified information”.

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7. A person who was presented to an accounting position said during the interview that one of its main characteristics and social relations were “not so much the numbers.”

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8. A candidate flushed the toilet during a telephone conversation with the interviewer.

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9. A person took a brush and began combing during the interview.

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10. A person arrived drunk at a job interview and invited the interviewer to have a beer when I finished the interview.

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