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Words most used by users of LinkedIn


Words most used by users of LinkedIn
For the fifth consecutive year and the day when more users access to update your profile, LinkedIn has published the list of words most commonly used by professionals to describe in their profiles and, because of their overuse have become terms less relevance. to do this, LinkedIn has analyzed the summaries of their users, compiling expressions appearing more often.
Thus, the list reveals that “leadership”, “motivated” and “creative” are the most overused words in the world during 2015 and “dedicated”, “passionate” and “success” . This ranking shows changes over the previous year, which did not appear the word “leadership” among the top 10 when this year tops the list.
As for the ranking of Spanish users, the words most used by professionals in our country in their profiles (and to be avoided to differentiate themselves from others) are: Passionate, creative, motivated, dedicated, leadership, multinational, responsible ., an expert with international experience also LinkedIn today released the list of words most repeated Pages Company in companies around the world, which include the following: expert solution, important, unique, courage, vision, expertise , innovative, creative, strategic.
With this in mind and to avoid falling into errors, then, what do we do to improve our profile? We leave some clues:

1. Standing out from the crowd
The abstract is the first thing people look after the profile picture. It is possible that, in a job, be able to demonstrate “leadership” or a “great career”, but use the same words they use other professionals makes your profile fails to emphasize. It includes examples from your experience, focus on specific examples where you have demonstrated leadership and highlights those great results with real numbers.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words
Instead of saying you are “creative”, why not prove it including presentations, design work and projects you feel particularly proud? Remember that you only have five to ten seconds to impress.
3. Share opinions and news
Do you have extensive experience and great communication skills? Tell the world by publishing a post on LinkedIn. To review issues in your industry, you position yourself as opinion leader and share your knowledge.
4. Meet professionals like you
If you want to show “motivated” to succeed in your industry, join a group. Share your thoughts about news or articles to show that you care about what happens in your industry as you expand your network. Active users in groups get 15x more profile views that members who do not participate.
5. Tell a Friend
If you think someone is “exceptional”, why not say so? Take time to write meaningful recommendations using specific examples. This not only shows that you know really well, but it also means they are more likely to return the favor. A couple of outstanding recommendations are worth more than a hundred words that appear in most profiles.

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