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What career should I select to become an entrepreneur?

Chose a Best Career Path
Chose a Best Career Path

What career should I select to become an entrepreneur?

With the increase in tuition and the fact that it is not necessary to have a diploma to be an entrepreneur, do you really need a career? After all, Steve Jobs , Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerberg and Walt Disney were successful despite leaving university; however, these people are the most famous exceptions. The reality is that the university is still very useful for your future entrepreneur and to help you define what you will become. Many of the founders we know today met their co-founders at the university and started impressive empires.

Do you want to study to be an entrepreneur? If the answer is yes, ask yourself the following questions:

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1. Public or private institution?

When finding investors, the majority will not care where you graduated while you have a clear, functional and, of course, profitable business idea. One of the main reasons why many students opt for private universities is the opinion of employers, but if your job security does not depend on a job from 9 AM – 5 PM, focus more on your academic career: not grades, but groups students, participation in congresses, exchanges, and of course, professional practices. Most entrepreneurs use their summer vacations to work for some other startup and thus start preparing for the future.

Now, one of the undeniable advantages that comes with paying a tuition is networking , since you could be taking classes next to your next co-founder, advisor or investor. A prestigious school or with a solid record of students with startups can attract well-connected students and mentors.

2. What to study?

You do not need to study business. If you opt for Computational Systems you will be in the realm of programming and web development, making it vital for the operation and construction of any technological startup. If you choose Communication or Journalism, you will know how to convey your message, a vital skill for any company when making a business proposal or persuading an investor.

Marketing or Public Relations also provide essential talents to the table: without marketing, nobody will know about the incredible product you just invented. With this discipline, you can help your company identify the needs of the client, segment your market, and let you know. Finances are basic are vital for the survival of a startup to: 1) make predictions for the future, 2) make more effective commitments of time, energy and money, and 3) measure your progress.

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The really important thing is that you study something that you are passionate about, be it lyrics, film or environmental care. Will you have to work harder to develop practical business skills? Yes. Will it cost you more to sell to your future investors? Perhaps. But the question is this: If you have a true interest in what you are studying, it will generate commitment, passion, vision and direction: basic to the success of a company.

3. What classes to take?

Call them classes, topics, specializations or perspectives. Most universities offer a set of “extra” subjects that allow you to shape your degree according to the direction you want your career to take. Next, the indispensable ones:

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– Finance and accounting : every entrepreneur needs to know how to work based on a budget and pay taxes.

– Marketing : knowing how to sell the idea of ​​your product to investors or customers, is crucial.

– Economy : to understand the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, as well as public policies affecting your business and your way of operating in the global market.

– Administration : to learn leadership techniques.

– Drafting : entrepreneurs write. Much. Whether it’s a press release, a blog or a business plan, your grammatical and spelling skills will be put to the test.

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– Programming : even if you are not involved with the technology industry, it is very likely that you have to use it. What better than knowing the operation of your platform.

– History of your country / world : know your market.

And of course, study what you study, public, private, communication or economy, remember to do professional practices. The best factor for the success of an entrepreneur is experience, experience 24/7 and learn from your mistakes. And of course do not think that the learning was finished in the classroom. Life in a startup is built on constant exploration, innovation and failures.

Your education is only the beginning.

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