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Tricks to succeed in a job interview


Tricks to succeed in a job interview
With the crisis, the lack of jobs and few job opportunities that cause us uncertainty; It is very important that if you are looking for work and a chance of an interview show, give the necessary importance and prepare. Therefore, then I give some clues to successfully job interview:

      • Before going to your interview, find out about the company . Search for news about the company, visit their website. Often they ask you if you know the company and have information is a positive.
      • Getting to the interview with enough time to calm nerves , just five minutes. It is advisable to arrive with plenty of time in advance to avoid the feeling of anxiety, nervousness also always expect results. Never be late and less put the excuse of how bad traffic or car broke down too discredited, you will not believe ..
      • While waiting to be received, not try to gain sympathy , flirt with the receptionist, secretary or anyone you receive. Not the first time that person, minutes later we were surprised to be our interviewer. If it takes to be received not fret, it may be a tactic.
      • He shakes hands firmly. Do not look ahead to shake hands because it corresponds to the interviewer forth his hand first. Try to put yourself at a safe distance from the table. Enough not to fall into the temptation to rest his arms on it.
      • During the interview to be helpful and friendly . Do not hurry to talk much but to speak well. If the interviewer talks and talks nonstop, do not interrupt him. Try looking into the eyes of the interviewer but intimidated. Distrusts the relaxed atmosphere and not let your guard down because led by a relaxed atmosphere you could say things that you later regret it.
    • Answered clearly and briefly, if they ask about you, emphasizing your training, experience and results of your work. Do not answer evasively or concerns, or monosyllables. Do not wait too long to respond, it might seem symptomatic of distraction. It shows enthusiasm for the job, but do not beg. Do not speak ill of the companies where you worked. Do not refuse to answer questions. If you make indiscreet questions about your personal life do not lose self-control and responds as you want, here, in my opinion, it is permissible to lie.
    • If the interviewer asks you about what your financial goals, or more specifically how you want to win, it will be interesting sorry documented asked acquaintances they have references that sector where the wage scale that post or a similar move. If you do not have this information, answers that indicate what the agreement regarding this position.
  • Try to sell your image by all means , to persuade and convince your behavior and your reasons that are undoubtedly the ideal candidate. Remember you are trying to businesses and not to beg.
  • It is often at the end of the interview the interviewer invite you to say what you want: increases the time for self . Not indulge in confidences Ask questions about the possibilities of promotion, the company or the job. Remember that the interview does not end until we have not fired the interviewer and was out the door, so do not say at the time that still remains interview did not seem anything but had said in an earlier time.

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