Top 10 High-Paying Oilfield jobs in The World

Top 10 High-Paying Oilfield jobs in The World

Gas-Plant Operators

Gas Plant Operators earn around $72,000 annually which is less than half-year of schooling and the obligatory security certificates. They are the ones who manage the equipment needed to transform natural gas in its raw form into products that are a pleasure to consume.

Drill Operators

Drill Operators are responsible for the task of controlling the drills that draw the oil out of the ground. They are typically paid an average of 98,000 dollars per year.

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Well Testers

Well Testers typically move from one site to the next checking the production levels and equipment. Although no formal education is required, proficiency in Excel and other computer programs are essential. Testers can expect to earn an average of around $102,000 annually. Oil and Gas Jobs Apply Now

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers typically conduct research or develop processes and develop equipment. They must have a degree, and they earn an average of $110,000 annually.

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Geologists earn on average $110,000 working in the field of oil and gas. They examine the physical structure that is the Earth and then use the information to determine possible drilling sites and scenarios. The requirement for a bachelor’s degree is for these positions.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers work on creating more efficient and effective techniques for gas and oil production. They are able to earn an average annual salary of $111,000 without bonuses.

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Rig Manager

Rig managers are responsible for the work of the crews at work and oversee the work completed. No post-secondary education is required for these jobs, since they typically are filled by people who started out on the crew and then progressed to higher positions. They could earn an average of $166,000 annually.

Completion Driller

This job typically requires an Engineering degree. Completion drillers manage maintenance operations and install infrastructures for hydraulic fracturing. They make an average of $150,000 per year.


Someone with many years of work experience typically is in this position. They usually make the equivalent of around $80,000 per annum. The Foreman task consists of supervising day-to day activities, budgeting, safety and coordination of contractors.

Drilling Consultant

This job is performed by a person who is knowledgeable in all aspects of drilling. It requires a Bachelor’s degree in Engineer or higher and generally involves lots of traveling to different sites. Drilling consultants make the equivalent of around $30,000 annually!

Which high-paying job is the best fit for you?

As you can see, there are a variety of lucrative jobs available in the field of oil and gas Some of them require extensive education, while others that require only commitment and perseverance.

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