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Tips to Give Job Interview for Toronto

Tips to Give Job Interview for Canada Toronto
Tips to Give Job Interview for Canada Toronto

Tips to Give Job Interview for Toronto

As in many countries, in employment interviews in Canada there are also key questions that, regardless of the vacancy disputed; will be made by the interviewers to get to know you better and evaluate if you have the ideal profile for the company; That is why they are known as the most common questions in job interviews in Canada. 

So, thinking about preparing them a little more for this moment, we talk to the Canadian specialist; Brenda Crump and we separated the ten most common questions in job interviews in Canada made by recruiters. Of course, all the questions listed here are just examples and it is not recommended to memorize the answers. You need to evaluate them and elaborate answers according to your reality.

10 Most Common Questions in job interviews in Canada:

1) Tell me about yourself:

With this question, the interviewer wants, in addition to making you more calm; hear from you why you should hire yourself and what you have to offer the company. To answer this question, the suggestion is to talk a little about your qualifications and previous experiences related to the available vacancy; your skills, including the way you handle people, and some personal information that demonstrates stability.

2) Tell me about your experiences with this type of work:

In this case the interviewer wants to find out if you are capable of developing the proposed work. If you have already had some similar experience before, tell him where and give examples of your achievements. If your experience is not the same, but it is related to the available vacancy, it indicates the skills that can be exploited and also shows desire to learn. If you have not done anything similar, just focus on your skills and indicate your interest in the training offered by the company.

3) Why do you want to work here?

This is one of the most common questions in job interviews in Canada, since it is almost 95% that you are in an interview. At this time the interviewer wants to know what you know and like in the company, as well as discover if you want to contribute to the company’s growth or if you are only behind the security and benefits offered. To answer this question, you will first need to describe what you know about the organization. Also, do not forget to indicate how your skills go in favor of what they are in need at the moment and their willingness to grow with the company.

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4) Why did you leave your last job?

The intent of this question is to find out if you have had any problems in the past and if there is any reason not to hire you. The employer also wants to evaluate your attitude towards co-workers, supervisors, company policies and difficult situations.

When you answer this question, always talk about something positive about your old company. It also briefly describes your reason for leaving the previous job. If you went well with the company or have a letter of recommendation, tell the interviewer. In case your situation has not been as good, mention that co-workers got along very well with you, some of your achievements in the old job and the opportunity you have to seek new challenges and growth in the career.

5) What kind of salary do you need?

In this case, the interviewer wants to know if the salary you have in mind is in accordance with what the company is willing to pay. In this case, we have three different response suggestions:

“I’m really interested in finding out what salary range you are offering.”
“I’m negotiable and ready to discuss an amount which is fair to both, and takes into account my responsibilities and qualifications.”
If the employer is really interested in hiring you, or insist on a response, give a value that you know is realistic. Therefore, you should know how much you need to cover your monthly expenses. Also ask about benefits and opportunities for growth within the company.

6) When are you available for work?

The reason for this question is obvious: find out when you can start and if you have other interviews. If you are free to start immediately, say so. If you are working and still need to notify the current employer, make clear the time you need for that.

7) What are your greatest strengths?

With this question, the employer wants to discover how well you know yourself, if you believe in your competences and if you trust that you are the right person for the vacancy. To answer, dim that in addition to your professional skills, training or previous experiences you also have qualities that can collaborate with your work and list each of them. If you still have time, be prepared to give real examples and cite previous situations in which your characteristics helped you to do a good job.

8) What are your weakness?

The reason for this question is to find out if you are not the ideal person for the vacancy. In this case, you can point out your weak points, but at the same time show that you are always working to overcome them.

“I’m so excited that I want 100 things at a time, I just have to go down and make a list of planning and planning. That always works well with me. ”

” I’m eager to have computer training, so I’m enrolling in evening courses for next term”

9) What are your long-range goals?

The reasons for this question are clear: discover if you are interested in remaining in the company; If the vacancy is what you really want; Identify your career plans and if they are in accordance with the company’s objectives. When you answer this question, show interest and commitment to your area of ​​work

10) Can you work under pressure or tight deadlines?

In this case, yes it is true, answer “yes”. You can talk about something like “I know pressure and deadlines are a part of work and I enjoy meeting realistic goals and challenges”. He also cites examples from past experiences and describes the deadlines and pressures that you consider normal in the type of work that will be executed.

If pressure work is not your strength, first quote some of your positive points and then mention that you prefer to know deadlines in advance so you can organize and work better.

I hope you will be served with these 10 most common questions in job interviews in Canada and put them into practice in your next interview!

Good luck!

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