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Tips to advance your career using social networks

Tips to advance your career using social networks
Tips to advance your career using social networks

Tips to advance your career using social networks

A recent study revealed that the use of social tools helps workers climb positions in their professional careers, but … how can they do it?

Following are the tips;

1. Think about your online image: The limits that separate the line between social tools for companies and using them for simple pleasure or hobbies are not very clear. However, this should not prevent you from publishing information about your personal tastes and points of view when you interact in social spheres. This can lead you to points of common interest or to expand your contact circles. However, you must remember that you are exposing yourself to a wide audience among work colleagues, bosses and potential clients.

2. Become a social leader: Social tools are by nature collaborative and will only be really effective in a business context if you can use them with others in your company.

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3. Adopt a “group mentality “: By creating a virtual online group, people can share their knowledge and learn things that everyone can take advantage of later when making decisions, strategies and projects. For example, a group that is working on a product design could, right at the beginning, listen in one place to the opinion of all the people and thus accelerate the process of decision-making and drive innovation.

4. Think beyond the four walls: While social tools offer you a new way to interact with your peers you see often,

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you will be aware of the power it has to expand your network and communicate with those beyond your company or from other countries.

5. Be a sponge that absorbs information: In addition to helping to communicate with others, social tools offer an excellent channel for the exchange of knowledge, exposing people to a wide variety of thoughts and ideologies.

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If you are willing to research blogs and other interactive resources that are on the network, you can suddenly find yourself expanding your knowledge of the industry or sector in which you work. This can give you more confidence and conviction when defending your point of view on an issue or question or when advising a client in your field.

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