Imress Your Boss
Imress Your Boss


Your boss directs your work, review your performance and influences much of your work week. Impress your boss is a valuable move for your career. Work better, harder and longer than those around you and your boss you will notice when other highlights of subordinates. Partner with coworkers high performance, develop your skills and do your job well. The same applies to others in your company, and that can also impress your boss.

Manages perceptions

Your professional success is closely linked to how others perceive you, especially your boss. actively manages perceptions taking some time to think about what others think of you and ask for feedback on how others perceive you really. Use this information to decide how you want to be perceived and work to change the perception of others. For example, if you find that people think you’re too casual or careless in your office but you want people to see well dressed and as a professional, starts updating your wardrobe work and spend more time arreglándote in the morning. If you receive feedback indicating that people question your ability to keep going because you left work unfinished or have missed deadlines, make it a priority to complete the work consistently, especially the work assigned by your boss.

Get remember for the right things

Most organizations have stories of disgruntled employees or spectacular mistakes. Big mistakes are remembered and are reported long after the employee has left. I am remembered for the right things, as for exceeding sales goals, provide exceptional customer or by going beyond corporate community events. Concentrate on doing the best job possible, so that others remember your performance. Find out what part of your mission is more important to your boss and focus on this while you work. Looking role models at work that are memorable for their productivity and copy their habits, work ethic and ways of working. Align your work with the vision and mission of the company and make sure your performance meets the goals and corporate values.


Impress your boss with active participation in all aspects of your work day. Speech and contributes in meetings, volunteer to assignments that others do not want, Propose creative solutions to problems the department solutions. Others will notice and appreciate your willingness and availability.

Work on being positive

The sayings: and “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” are as applicable at work and in life “more flies with honey than with vinegar trap.” If you’re in the middle of a stressful work situation or experiencing problems with your relationships work, strive to stay positive and avoid negative behaviors like sneak around complaining and avoid difficult situations. It is not always easy, but it is always beneficial to maintain a good attitude during the difficulties and do produce a good impression on those who are around you.

Make your boss look good

A good way to impress your boss is to make it look good. Takes every opportunity to speak well of him and encourages others to do the same. Works to help your boss to achieve the goals, finish projects and make changes to overdoing it.

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