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The six technological skills needed for this 2015

technological skills
technological skills

The six technological skills needed for this 2015
Technology changes very quickly and for any business, must be updated. Therefore, FP shows free options to learn and thus better working options.

Whatever your profession, most certainly, mobile, software and other technological devices are important for their daily work. That is why firstaidforhealth.com has made ​​a list that mentions the following skills:

1. Coding is the skill that can help in this era, for their high demand around the world. Fortunately, no matter what your age or level of comfort with today’s technology, there are ways to gather input coding skills – and many of them are free.

2. Big data is vital to know how to collect and analyze data, especially when it relates to customer preferences and business processes. Regardless of the industry, you could lose big clients and opportunities if you ignore the data. Harvard offer free courses on science data.
3. Cloud computing The main advantage is to reduce costs by up to 90%, allowing scanning processes information. Learn the basics of cloud computing will help.

4. Mobile Strategies Everything is moving around the use of mobile smartphones. This has led many companies find new options to get customers or reach with your message to more people. Even the very act of creating applications is basic.

5. Data Visualization Inc explains this involves using a visual representation of the data to discover new information and developments. Fortunately, you do not have to be a web designer or programmer to create compelling infographics. Options: Visualize.me, Google Developers or Piktochart.

6. UX design skills Or user experience design, is to combine frameworks and tools that help solve problems and achieve make that design something truly useful for a business. Not only professional designers can benefit from understanding the UX design, anyone can.

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