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The 7 most terrible mistakes in a CV – BCA

7 Terrible Mistakes in CV
7 Terrible Mistakes in CV

The 7 most terrible mistakes in a CV – BCA
Is it hard to create an attractive CV and show the best of you?
In my opinion, I think there are 2 main factors that explain why it costs write a CV:
•  Make a resume is a boring task. There is so much information online that you do not know where to start and do not know to distinguish what is important and what is not.

•  To make an attractive curriculum you have to be very clear about your career goal and strategy you have to follow to get it . Surprise, very few stop to think about it carefully and the results are curriculums that fail to convince the recruiter.

As you know, the curriculum is the key that opens the door to the job interview, so it is vital that shows the best version of you.
In this post you will be able to rid your resume 7 worst mistakes you can make:

1.  Do not include your professional profile that wonderful paragraph 5 to 8 lines sum up your career, your goals and your strengths. It is the best way to show your personal brand. It is not easy, but when you’re ready, your resume improvement in an incredible way.

2.  Too much creativity: there are VCs so creative and design so that only the recruiter get not find the information you need. Bad business, chances are that your CV ends up in the trash. The exception to the rule is that you address very creative positions.

3.  The picture: it is a mistake not to include so much as put a crappy picture. A good quality, refined image and a smile be your allies. Remember that in many countries we should not include photo by legal issues.

4.  Eye with the letter: mainly to their size, not too big to generate “filler effect” nor too small that involves an extra effort to read it. And of course, use a font or font normal font (no comic sans or action man).

5.  Errors personal data: I know that will surprise you , but remember to include your email and phone. Make sure they are well written and that no numbers or letters are missing. Yes, there are curriculum with this error, I too was hard to believe.

6.  The extension:  Less is more. If your resume is a sheet, better and if you have a long history in 2 sheets. Include only relevant information, Make this easy for the recruiter and ignores data that is not critical to getting the job.

7.  little relevant information: I left for the last error more committed and you have more hobby … the endless list of courses insignificant. Nobody will hire for that course of tax you did in 1999 or the leadership course 10 hours. Just let the courses that really add value, the rest of the can include LinkedIn.

Have you made ​​any of these mistakes? Well do not miss a chance and modify it now . Remember that your CV is your cover letter.

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