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The 15 most Demanded Professions in Canada

15 Most Demanding Profession for Canada
15 Most Demanding Profession for Canada

The 15 most Demanded Professions in Canada

Technology continues to have an important role in the development of the labor market

One of the most important decisions, at least in the academic field, is usually to choose a career to study. And although this is usually a headache for some, it is enough to do a simple investigation of how the labor market has evolved in recent years.

Fortunately, the Randstad job portal has compiled a list of the most demanded professions for 2018 in Canada.

The research took into account, among several factors, the number of job offers that appear in the different employment categories.

TOP 5:

General Worker

“General workers are the backbone of Canadian industry. They assume all kinds of tasks that must be done in order for the companies to function without problems.

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From the cleaning tasks, to the loading and unloading of materials, going through the manual and practical. In 2018, general jobs will be the most needed position in Canada. ”

Sales representative

“Companies want to have talented vendors to move products from shelves into the hands of customers. B2B vendors are also in high demand. The ability to sell products and services to companies is a key skill that will increase its attractiveness to employers in the sector. ”


“Who does not hate to do their taxes? Fortunately we have accountants to take care of that! Although filing taxes may be part of the duties of an accountant, they also handle all sorts of other accounting and recording tasks, helping businesses and individuals manage their finances. In this field, the CPA designation is the gold standard and will guarantee you stable employment in 2018. ”

Engineering project manager

“The managers of engineering projects ensure that construction projects are carried out smoothly. From the supervision of the construction of a high-rise condominium in Toronto, or the construction of a bridge in Halifax, to the excavation of a warehouse in Calgary, the managers of engineering projects are always present.

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With pressure from the federal government to finance infrastructure and a booming real estate market, engineering project managers will continue to be in demand by 2018. ”

Business analyst

“Business analysts play a vital role in making companies do their operations efficiently. As allowed by its function, commercial analysts can participate in the strategic planning, analysis and optimization of systems, processes and internal software of a company. Business analysts require technological skills and financial knowledge. ”

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Find below the complete list of the most demanded careers in Canada for 2019 and 2020.

6. Customer Service Representative
7. IT Project Manager (Information Technology)
8. Software engineer
9. Account’s manager
10. Forklift operator
11. Recruiter
12. Administrative assistant
13. Assembler
14. Machinist
15. Receptionist

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