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Technology Jobs with Higher Salaries – Today Article

Job With high Salaries
Job With high Salaries

Technology Jobs with Higher Salaries – Today Article

Careers in technology are known to pay higher wages to skilled workers. While getting rich with work in this area is not guaranteed, some positions work pay well and have good growth prospects. With the degree and relevant experience, you could be earning more than $ 75,000 a year in a high-tech career.

Software engineers in computer systems
The projected 57 percent for employment at 10 years, growth makes it worth considering this work if security is your main concern. But the average salary of US $ 96,620 reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2009, makes software engineering degree even more lucrative. 

You will be responsible for the design and development of software. “Those who have practical experience and at least a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer should have the best opportunities,” the BLS.

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Sales Engineers
If you want to earn a six-figure sum in the technology industry, consider becoming a sales engineer. Sales engineers working in computer systems design earned an average of US $ 102,780 per year in 2009, according to the BLS. You’ll use your expertise in cross selling technologically advanced products to companies .

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The projected 10-year employment growth was normal in 2010, compared with the rest of work . “It is hoped that competition for places of work because of the relatively high profits in this occupation that creates interest in the positions of Sales Engineer, “the BLS.

Robotic Engineers
Robotic engineers earned a median annual salary of US $ 89,950 in 2009, according to the Occupational Information Network O-Net. The salary and career which has a projected employment to 10 years, comparable to other careers growth, make it worth considering this work.

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As a robotics engineer, you depurarás robotics programs, give technical support in robotic systems, will perform the installation and maintenance of robots, and robots will integrate peripherals. You will have to design, integrate, test and evaluate the components of robots, according to the BLS. Robotic engineers earned a median annual salary of US $ 89,560 in 2009.

Analysts network systems and data communications
Analysts network systems and data communications have a good salary, and to complete, projected job growth 10 years established in 2010 is more than 53 percent, according to the BLS. The average wage of workers with this title was US $ 76,650 in 2009.

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The industries of computer systems design I pay most employees in this position. As an analyst, would design and evaluaras network systems. “With the explosive growth of the Internet, this group of employees has grown to a variety of occupations,” the BLS.

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