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Successful Profession for the next Decade

Successful Professions for the Next Decade
Successful Professions for the Next Decade

Successful Profession for the next Decade

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There are studies that affirm that the majority of minors who have not yet started high school will earn a living practicing professions that do not yet exist , some of us can not even imagine them. In this sense, it is not easy to guess what will be those new careers that will emerge with the advance of time. However, there are some trends and studies that give us clues about the races that will have more future in the next decade .

Careers with future

Choosing a college degree is not an easy task. The labor market is more alive than ever and it is not easy to predict which professions will be the most sought after when they finish their studies.

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To avoid this happening with the new generations, we have selected some of the careers that will have the most professional opportunities in the next ten years.

Internet analysts and programmers

Everything that surrounds the Internet continues to grow and advance at breakneck speed. Everything can be monitored, and in this sense it is where the network industry will grow. Issues such as the Internet of Things and Big Data will need new professionals in the coming years.

The necessary training to grow in these professions will be, above all, the university related to Computer Engineering although the rest of engineering companies will also increase their work opportunities.

Architects of new realities

Virtual reality is booming. In addition, its applications not only have a place in the world of entertainment and video games. It is also used in areas as diverse as education or the army.

The goal of virtual reality is precisely to create virtual worlds where many of the professions of the real world are necessary. In a virtual city you need the buildings that an architect will have to design, there will be professionals who guide us through that virtual tour and their personalities will be created by psychologists. Of course, graphic designers will be needed to shape the ideas and programmers that make them a reality.

Organ designers

The sad reality is that the waiting lists for an organ transplant are so long that many patients die before a donor is found for them. For a long time a solution to this problem has been sought and it seems that this can be closer than ever.

For some time now the 3D printer technology has been used to create simple organs and it is expected to start working on more complicated ones soon. Presumably, as this process progresses, so will the demand for qualified personnel to carry it out.

The professionals responsible for meeting this demand for employment will be those who come from the healthcare world . It is a revolution in this field to which universities and study centers will have to adapt.

Studies for the next decade

The society will demand that the new professions that are arising be developed by qualified professionals. Therefore, the changes in the world of work will be reflected in universities: some careers will disappear and new ones will be making their way.

Chemical food
Through the technology of 3D printers, this professional will improve the taste and texture of food.

Virtual currency speculator

Who else or who least has already heard about bitcoin . However, it is not the only virtual currency that exists and, surely, with time they will appear more. To such an extent they begin to have strength that it will be necessary for a professional to advise us about investments with this type of currency.

Designers of gamification
There are studies that show that the logic of games encourages people to work. In this sense, games will be created in the future to help us alleviate tensions and relieve stress from day to day.

Privacy counselor
Internet privacy is a subject that we still do not fully master. On many occasions we show ourselves as vulnerable individuals in the network and we do not really know how to protect ourselves. That will be the job of this new professional.

In spite of the difficulty to foresee the future, there are tendencies and studies that reveal us that the professions of which we have spoken in this article will be some of those that better professional exits will have in the next decade. It is important, if any of them is within our scope of work, that we update our training to not be left behind in the market.

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