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Secrets of Job Interviewing – Hire Me

5 Secrets You Have Never Hear
5 Secrets You Have Never Hear

Secrets of Job Interviewing – Hire Me

You probably already know what you ask, how you will dress and even how to improve your resume for that specific position to which he was called. But this time, CT will consider five secrets that will make you stay with that offer.

Most interviews tend to have same characteristics and patterns that can give you an overview of what to expect, but all can not be equal. On the one hand, remember that your resume should always be focused according to the position you go to apply.

On the other hand, remember that your wardrobe and your personal presentation also influence the time of the interview.

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In addition, there are basic rules that can not be overlooked during the time that when they evaluate their skills for the job they are offering. We recommend “The seven things you should never do in a job interview.” In addition to this , The CT established five “secrets” that you never heard and they can help.

1. Go beyond the “home” of the website is not left only know what the company is dedicated and who your customers are. Interest belong to this new site will show how much you know about that company and how it could, from his field, help create new business proposals or provide ideas to help growth. Of course, remember to mention this during his interview and show that really did the job.

2. Use Google Alerts Keep up to date on what can happen in the sector or the company. For this, the tool offers Google alerts that will be very useful. Many times it happens that during the interview asked a question about a fact specific

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and perhaps personal issues, you did not hear, which did not leave him with a good impression. CT tells you how to do here.

3. Ask for an appointment at 10:30 am Tuesday Have your interviewer is in his best mood and state of mind, when I interviewed him. Research has shown that it is best to avoid dating days: Monday, Friday and the hours around lunch.

4. Create your story When asked “tell me about your professional experience” will not remain only with what has been their experience and skills.

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Share the inspirations he had to learn and practice their profession as well as the passions that move more in their field.

5. Wear a costume that describes your story Wear clothing or some particular accessory that allows you to start a quiet conversation: a small but striking pin, a bracelet out of the ordinary or a special tie that connect with their culture, parenting or past experiences and adventures .

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