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Lidl offers 275 permanent jobs

Lidl offers 275 permanent jobs
Lidl offers 275 permanent jobs

Lidl offers 275 permanent jobs
The supermarket chain decided to expand its logistics center and seeks workers

The supermarket chain Lidl is finalizing the expansion of its logistics platform in Madrid, which will become the largest center of Europe. Specifically, these works are having in the Madrid suburb of Alcala de Henares, and it has invested nothing less than 70 million euros to house a total area of 71,800 meters .

It is precisely in this renovated and expanded logistics center from which the more than 150 establishments that the German company has spread throughout Spain, which will require, as has assured the Department of Human Resources Lidl will be distributed directly to one expansion important personal . So much so that Lidl has already been quick to offer through its website a total of 275 permanent jobs to be covered by the same 2015 , with the idea that in the summer of 2016 this giant warehouse is fully operational.

In the selection of new staff, Lidl have been reported to preferentially workers who were employees of Electrolux, since the new land on which is built belonged to this company before starting the work. Nevertheless, it is expected that more than a hundred of jobs that Lidl need to cover in the coming months, with all required workers to help the smooth running of the chain storage and distribution. For those interested should send CV to job portal Lidl and to
access the selection process.

The German supermarket chain Lidl, present in 26 countries, has been working in Spain since 1994 which has more than 350 centers to form a global workforce of 335,000 employees.

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