Interview at SIEMENS: 12 most common Questions Interviewer will always ask

Interview at SIEMENS: 12 most common Questions Interviewer will always ask

1. What are the top three qualities every engineer/construction professional should possess?

An Engineer should possess following skills:

  • Focused, Innovative and creative
  • Teamwork and Multitasking
  • Problem Solving

2. At your workplace, what motivates you?

Be direct, positive, and simple in your response. Some of the good answers are

  • Your ability to achieve
  • Recognition
  • Challenging assignments.

3. Are you good at working in a team?

To answer, consider how you would contribute best to a team:

  • Are you friendly?
  • Are you good at collaborating?
  • Do you have the confidence to interact with people with a variety of backgrounds and
  • Are you good at motivating others?
  • How will you respond tactfully to aggressive behaviour?
  • What is your approach to conflict resolution?
  • Are you able to handle difficult personalities?

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4. In next 5 years, where do you see yourself professionally?

It is important to sketch a clear picture of your career goals and aspirations that is realistic and
reflected within your career vision. Boosting your responsibilities, your management and
leadership skills, etc.


5. What makes you the best candidate for this job at SIEMENS?

Make sure your skill set matches the job responsibilities. Afterward, you should explain how
your experience and skill sets can be put to use in that specific position within the organization.
The term impact can refer to marketing impressions, sales, and cutting costs, making
products more efficient, improving customer service, or creating new designs that create

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6. What makes you an excellent problem solver?

As a problem solver, I am able to draw on the experience of others, whether it’s solicited advice
or my own observations, and then improve upon it. With my experience and my memory, I
have encountered many different types of situations and challenges over the years, so I have a
wealth of knowledge to draw from, which allows me to approach challenges with creativity and

7. What are SIEMENS’s strongest competitors, according to you?

I recognize that the engineering and construction industry is very competitive. After looking at
SIEMENS’s scope and focus, I believe that ABC and XYZ are the two biggest competitors. Despite
two strong competitors, SIEMENS stands out in the landscape due to the integrity displayed in
every project. You stand out because your industry reputation and your honest approach make
you stand out.

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8. How do you manage work-related stress?

When I am under pressure on the job, I stay focused on the task at hand and avoid distractions.
Staying on deadline is very helpful, and I delegate when necessary. When you call my
references, they will attest to this fact.

9. What is your salary expectation?

My current salary is $100,000 per year with two bonus opportunities. I am looking for a salary
that is aligned with my job and allows growth potential.

10. How do you define hard work?

Hard work means going above and beyond my job duties every time the opportunity arises. It
means giving my best to my employer every day.

11. SIEMENS is looking for strong team players. In team projects, what role do you typically

Leading team projects is something I enjoy. Because of my organized and vocal nature, I’m a
good leader.

12. Describe the employer you would like to work for?

My ideal employer would be one that allows me to take the lead when it comes to solving
problems. I prefer to work with people who know who I am.

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