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Interesting and Fun Facts


Interesting and Fun Facts

1. Chinese was …Of the more than a thousand suicides that occur daily in the world , almost half occur in China.

2.Muertos Heat The city refrigerated. Houston, Texas, is the city that spends more money on air conditioning. It is estimated that residents spend the equivalent to the GDP of 30 countries keep cool city.

3.Cambio Unfortunate Drugs against drugs. In 1879 was introduced in the US a drug to treat morphine addiction. Cocaine

4.Brrrrrr To stay cold. The coldest place on earth is the Antarctic Plateau Station, where the temperature drops to -57.7 “C.

5.Golf Thirsty A green abusive. A golf course with 18 holes consumed daily many liters of water as a population of 9,000 inhabitants.

6.Lluvias Mil The Flood. Each year raining down on Earth over 500,000 billion liters of water . 7.Estas Visits Pleasing visits. A third of burglars who break into houses stop to watch the photo album of victims, 27 100 a sandwich is prepared and 7 100 loses a few minutes watching television, according to a US report.

8.Ya comes the Doctor .… medical deficiencies. In Chad has one doctor for every 47,640 inhabitants.

9.Clase of Geography Lagos are not seas. The Caspian Sea, the Dead Sea and the Aral Sea are not seas but lakes.

10.Era not the millionaire city. The first city in the world to reach one million inhabitants was Beijing in 1750.

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