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How to Write a Job Application Letter

How to Write a Job Application Letter
How to Write a Job Application Letter

How to Write a Job Application Letter

Do you want a job with all your strength? Learn how to write a job application letter that is your key to accessing the job you crave.

If you are looking for a job, do not settle for sending only your CV.

The letters of professional application can open many doors, since in them you will show your professional profile adapted to the offer to which you apply.

In this article we give you the keys to write a letter of request, you can also see the example.

Many job offers require that the interested party send, in addition to their curriculum vitae, a professional application letter.

It is a formal style that has the advantage that if you know the main guidelines of the structure, then it is just a matter of personalizing it. Discover what they are and start preparing it.

In life you will have to write different types of letters, from business letters, letters to relatives or letters to apply for a job.

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The important thing is to meet a minimum in terms of quality, spelling, writing and proper language. You must take care to read it many times before sending it because any mistake you make will be read one and more times by your receiver and any other person.

Types of letter at professional level

Presentation letter

This type of letter is for anyone who has already obtained a position and wishes to present himself more deeply to those who gave him the position or for those who want to acquire a job that he does not yet have.

Normally people choose to ask a third party to write it, talking about them. For example, a colleague who works in the same company and knows it before.

Reference letter

In this case, the candidate asks a former chief of confidence to write a letter about why he is the right person for a new job, based on the competencies he demonstrated in his company. Thanks to your vote of confidence, it helps the new employer have a clear approval when deciding who will be the new employee.

When requesting any type of document or budget, the application letter templates are used. It does not differ much from the rest of the letters. It is simply about requesting or requesting in a formal and educated way what we want to request.

Job application letter

A model job request letter must have the objective of creating a very good impression of its author so that he can get a certain job.

Therefore, the candidate must write in the first person a clear, brief and concise request that highlights who he / she is and why he / she wants to obtain the job.

Keep in mind the following points so that your letter stands out:

  • Personal data: You must include your physical address, your email (if you have another do not hesitate to include it), your landline and cell phone, identity numbers.
  • Work experience: Mention from the most recent to the oldest the companies in which you worked, the position and the main responsibilities.
  • Education: Explain where you studied and specify the career or course you took, including languages.
    Personal reference : Includes references or recommendations from trusted people with whom you have worked for example.

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