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How to Work on a Cruise Ship – Travel and Work on a Cruise

How to Work on a Cruise
How to Work on a Cruise

How to Work on a Cruise Ship – Travel and Work on a Cruise

Working on a cruise is one of the best jobs if you like to travel.

  • Earn a salary while traveling the world?

There are other options to work and travel around the world , however, working on board a cruise is somewhat different from the other jobs that allow you to travel, a job where the sea is always present and a new port awaits you on each journey.

In this article you will find out;

  • how you can access a job on a cruise
  • All the requirements, some interesting facts
  • Large list of cruise companies where you will find job offers and other information of interest.

Are you ready to start your job search on a cruise?
The cruise industry grows every year. This is a very interesting fact for people who are looking for work on a cruise since the number of employees also increases every year.
How is it to work on a cruise
Working on a cruise is to work while traveling, a job where you will earn money while traveling the world, now life on board a cruise is not for everyone.

Working on a cruise is not easy. Life on board has its moments, keep in mind that there are occasions where you spend long periods of time sailing without stepping on land and you have to live on a boat where, normally, you will share your room with another person.

Requirements for working on a cruise
The requirements to work on board a cruise will vary depending on the company, keep in mind that there are cruise companies around the world.

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Knowledge of Languages : Depending on your position of employment

  • Especially the English language is essential to work on a cruise.
  • Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Training to work on cruises : These courses are usually offered by the same companies. Without them you can not work aboard a cruise ship. In this training all the topics on cruises are treated and you are endowed with all the necessary skills to help you feel safe in your paper before embarking.

Training related to the position to be applied for : it will be fundamental when it comes to accessing an employment position both on a cruise and in another type of job. Here you can find hundreds of courses, degrees and masters .

Experience : To fill some vacancies, previous experience in a similar position is required, it does not have to be on board a cruise.

Availability : When doing a job interview, they will ask you what availability you have. Keep in mind that you are going to work on a cruise ship sailing the world. The trips will vary depending on the cruise, however, they ask for availability of about six to eight months.

Work under pressure : Although it is not a requirement as such, it must be mentioned that you must know how to work under pressure in a small space.

Visa C1 / D : If you are selected to work on a cruise, you must obtain this visa.

Medical exams : You will have to pass the different tests of medical exams. Companies will tell you where you should take these medical exams to work on cruises.

What kind of jobs can you find on a cruise?
The jobs you can find on a cruise are very varied.

Salary of Cruise ship job is very competitive as well. For example, a cruise ship personal trainer or fitness instructor may earn more than $2000 per month. Bartenders and average cruise staff members may earn $2600 per month; activity coordinators may earn about $2800 per month; waitresses – $3000 per month; assistant head chefs – $4600 per month.

list of Companies Where You can Apply:

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