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How to prepare for a Career Change – Read Now

How to Prepare for a career change
How to Prepare for a career change

How to prepare for a Career Change – Read Now

Being jaded, frustrated or dissatisfied with your profession are legitimate reasons to question yourself if that is exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. But we guarantee that looking for your boss and quitting now is not the best solution.

Instead, you can prepare yourself from now on so that your professional transition is successful and it is not necessary to make another change in the next ten years. Some suggestions help a lot at that time:

1. In times of change, more important than knowing what you want, is knowing what you do not want to do think of the activities that you do not like to carry out in your day to day, or that you prefer to delegate to third parties.

2. Make a list of tasks that you perform with ease
In what type of activity do people ask you for help? What subjects do you master and like to share? By doing this exercise you can discover a new occupation that generates income and gives you personal satisfaction at the same time.

3. Seek professional help
When we are thinking of making a change in our lives, naturally, we think of asking for advice from family and friends, is not it?
But did you know that their opinion can make it difficult instead of helping you? This happens because very close people are guided by emotional stimuli and fear that the new challenge does not go well, that is why they can demotivate you.
The ideal is to seek the help of professionals such as coaches, psychologists or human resources analysts, who are more prepared to identify your potential and show you how you can use them in order to achieve your goal.

4. Do not compare yourself with other people
Each professional has a career, regardless of their abilities. It may be that the person who entered the company with you has had a faster promotion, because they have the characteristics that the company needed at that time, but that does not mean that you are a less qualified professional.
You can be sure that, if you are the right professional for that function and you work focused on the satisfaction of your final client, eventually you will be rewarded.

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What we mean by this hypothetical example is that you should never compare yourself with other professionals. In addition to being a poorly viewed practice, worrying about other people hurts your productivity.

5. Prepare yourself financially
Training in a new area and even professional relocation require time and investment, which means giving up a certain lifestyle, especially if you have a family.
That is why, in order not to give yourself great scares when making a career transition, you need to be prepared financially. There are cases of people who put together the money necessary to stay between six months to a year outside the conventional labor market.
If you choose to have your own business, remember to add the expenses of your business to your personal expenses.

6. Analyze the degree of adaptation that career change will require from you
If you want to leave the executive career of a large company to do crafts, it will be a kind of transition. When leaving the career of engineer to venture as a university professor, the change will take place in another way.
It is necessary to consider: the change of career will require some specialization? Is there anything I already know that can be useful in my new professional career? Which brings us to the next topic.

7. Find areas in which you can use skills you already have
Of course, nothing prevents you from seeking a profession totally different from everything you have done up to now, but even in the most radical changes it is possible to take advantage of some knowledge acquired in your professional career.

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When a professional identifies acquired skills that can help him in his new profession he feels less intimidated.

8. Build a network of contacts
Submitting resumes is not very effective if people only know you because of your professional background and do not know that you are looking for a career change. In short, this is the time to activate those connections that you built in the past.
Therefore, never underestimate the power of networking . Identify professionals who have similar values ​​with yours, even if they are from different markets. Eventually, these contacts can open doors in the company where they work.
Maintaining contact with your network is also useful to know the challenges that these professionals face on a day-to-day basis.

9. Take distance courses
If your idea is to make a career change, a good idea is to conduct a virtual course related to the niche in which you want to act.
Online careers have many advantages, because they allow you to study in the hours that you can, without leaving your home and with a much lower investment of money.

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