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How to practice before a Job Interview

How to practice for a job interview
How to practice for a job interview

How to practice before a Job Interview

The job interview is not easy for many. And it is that in all work to which you postulate when you are in the stage of looking for a job in Lima you have to go through the process of selection of personnel.

To have the job you want, it is not enough to know how to look for a job, and to go through the first stage of personnel selection in Lima , it is necessary to pass the interview as well. Discover how to practice for the dreaded job interview.

1. Questions and answers

Practice questions and answers. If this is the first time you apply for a job, it may be difficult for you to know what they will ask you, but if it is not your first time you already have an idea. Usually, they ask you the same thing you said on your resume, although in some cases they ask you to explain .

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We recommend you write on a sheet the questions you think will be asked and try to answer them, first in writing, and then in a loud voice. In the interview you will not answer everything from memory, but you will have an accurate guide that will help you to answer your interlocutor.

2. Mirror, mirror

The mirror is your best ally when you practice for a job interview. Put yourself in front of the mirror and rehearse what you will say. Try also the clothes that you feel best for the position to which you postulate and why not, also rehearses your postures. The postures say a lot about you in a job interview.

3. Have a family member interview you

If you have close family or friends nearby, ask them to help you practice . Practicing what you will say in front of another helps you to have more confidence. Give him your list of questions, ask him to do them in disarray and test your answers.

4. Check your CV and tell it

Your CV is your best guide for a job interview so review it and learn it . If everything you say in it is the truth you will not have problems with it. Try telling yourself your resume. It will be the first thing that your interviewer will ask you in the job post to which you postulate.

With these 4 steps you will know how to handle a job interview and succeed . Practice it in your next interview. Sure you have many more tips for those people who still fear the interview with human resources personnel.

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