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How to match a resume with a job you want

How to match a resume with a job you want
How to match a resume with a job you want

How to match a resume with a job you want

There are millions of job search articles on the web, and as a job seeker it is easy to spend hours every day reading them. It’s a great way to postpone things, but it’s not a great way on how to get a better job … or better yet, land your dream job.

These items are generally useful, but not enough. The simple things you need to get a job are well covered:

  • A great curriculum vitae
  • A consistent online presence
  • No warning signs
  • Skills that match the job description

First you must know two things before attacking your job search:

  • Exactly what you want in a job
  • An exact idea of ​​your skills and experience

Before looking for a job, you have to find out what is most important to you. If you are starting your career, focus on the development of valuable skills. Not necessarily “follow your passion,” but they look for work that is interesting and will help you develop your skills. Search for a company that adapts to any (ideally all) of the following criteria:

Apply For the Following Jobs

  • He has a mission that believes in
  • It is growing rapidly
  • He has a great team to learn from

Your first goal should be mastery, which means finding a place to develop your skills.

  • The next step is to make an honest assessment of your skills and experience.

In that same notebook, write down the following:

All the expert knowledge you have.

  • Your best achievements
  • All your skills
  • Your greatest strengths

You will have to level up your skills and experience. Be honest and decide if now is the time to improve your skills before looking for a job. Here are 5 ways to do it:

  • Take an online course
  • Back to school
  • Work on a new project in your free time
  • Get a job where you will learn the skills.
  • part time work free where you can learn the skills

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Study the job description and decipher what the employer wants solved problems. The entrepreneurs do not care about you. They worry about solving their problems. This is the only reason why they are publishing a work. Enter their heads, and try to understand their pain.

  • Why are you publishing this work?
  • Who is the ideal candidate for the job?
  • What skills does the ideal candidate have?

Write down a brief description of the ideal candidate in the third person, all the way to what they are using. This will help with your positioning in the application for the job.

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