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How to Make a Perfect Resume – Tips

Tips to make a perfect resume
Tips to make a perfect resume

How to Make a Perfect Resume – Tips

To Develop the best and professional resume please follow the below 10 important tips. It will help you to be shortlisted soon also chances to get the job as well.

1. Highlight your skills and experiences in your Curriculum
It is important to highlight and emphasize your main competences and work experiences when making your Curriculum Vitae. Remember that recruiters receive thousands of Curriculum and only take a few minutes to read yours. Therefore, the information must be specific and must correspond to the mission to which you are applying.

2. Have a differentiating Curriculum
A good Curriculum Vitae must be unique, it must represent you, it must be simple and original. This is an excellent opportunity to show all your competences in a different way: do not hesitate to choose an original curriculum vitae design , attach the URL of your profile or Curriculum Online , place a QR code in your CV that will take your presentation video

3. 1 Page Curriculum Vitae is Perfect
Worldwide, ideally, a Curriculum should be written on a single page. However, in some cases, a 2-page Curriculum Vitae may be acceptable, especially if you have many professional experiences in the sector in which you apply.

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4. It specifies for each occupied position, the missions and the tasks carried out
Thanks to this, the recruiter can get a better idea of ​​all the skills and knowledge you have, that have intervened in each of the missions carried out and that have allowed you to achieve your work objectives.

5. Be honest
You can lie in a Curriculum Vitae, but sooner or later you will know what you really know, or when you will need to put it into practice. Keep in mind that everything mentioned in the Curriculum may be the subject of questions from the recruiter.

6. Attach differentiating elements in your curriculum
Attaching a link to your personal blog, a QR code to a video or to your portfolio, can be decisive elements when choosing a candidate.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of your Curriculum and attach everything you consider necessary, as long as its content is easy to read and contains a good structure.

7. Accept criticism
Do not hesitate to show your Curriculum to several people (friends, relatives, family …) to have some constructive criticism and be able to improve it before sending it.

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