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How to be “interesting” during the job interview?


How to be “interesting” during the job interview?

When we do an interview we can get the job or not. We can pass “inglorious” or the recruiter was surprised by us. If we want to impress, we find interesting, different from other candidates running to supply people. Careful.

1. Be prepared questions and interesting answers

questions about the company or about since no one else would (without being disrespectful or nosy, of course). Denoting something that you step beyond the rest. You can also prepare some answers to questions stereotype of most interviews. You play with advantage and mark the difference.

2. Nonverbal language that shows confidence in yourself

Sit straight, do not cross your arms, smile, look into my eyes … in short, all that body language that expresses that you are a confident person and not feel intimidated by the interview . Show yourself relaxed and serene, something that most candidates do not get.

3. Show your style when dressing

Physical appearance is not the most important when it comes to finding a job, much less. But it is a plus. If you’re well dressed and neat, with a certain style, the recruiter also be fixed with more attention to you if you care just your look. And it does not denote certain disinterest.

4. Talk with the interviewer not limit yourself to respond in monosyllables or obvious answers.

Try to flow a relaxed conversation between two known as chatting without tension. You have to be always polite, of course, but they can be educated and close at the same time.

5. Shows how much you know about the company ‘s added value.

Everyone knows the four or five basic clues about the company or position, but if you investigate and go a step further, going to seem very interesting to the interviewer.

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