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Google Business Internship Program – Google seeks Interns


 Google Business Internship Program – Google seeks Interns
The firm plans to incorporate in 2015 to at least 20 students in the course. Advertising sales, business strategy, sales support, customer service and marketing are some of the positions to be filled.

Google will start 2015 with everything . For the fourth consecutive year, the company announces its internship program called Google Business Internship Program, through which plans to add 21 students to work at their offices in Buenos Aires for 5 months.

The competition is open to students from public and private universities across the country who are attending the last two semesters of the race and coming to be received. One of the main requirements is to have an excellent level of English, both written and oral.

The 21 selected students will have the possibility of a part-time internship in the company, since July 6, 2015 until November 27 of that year, and can be developed in different areas: selling online advertising, business strategy, sales support, customer service, marketing. According to their performance and the number of vacancies available, will be considered to join the team permanently.

Young students want to grow professionally developed with new levels of autonomy, and find a place where both learn, have fun, and expand their network of relationships. Google is ideal for all those who believe that you can work and have a place While at the same time, and where ever you are thinking in innovation projects that affect the lives of millions of people, ” says Natalia Marcu, HR manager of Google for Latin America.

The selection process is divided into three stages: the registration, you will have a deadline of February 15; a second stage which will take place from February 17 to March 27 which will be a first round of interviews online; and finally, a second round of interviews online with Google employees, from March 23 until May 15. Finally, on July 6, the selected work will be incorporated into Google’s offices in Buenos Aires.

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