Engineering Interview Questions frequently asked by Employers

Whether you’re applying for your first job after graduation or you’re an industry veteran, it pays
to be prepared for an engineering interview.
When preparing for an engineering interview, it may be helpful to know what type of questions
the hiring manager will ask. Preparation before the interview will increase your confidence level
and increase your chances of getting hired. Before the interview, research the company and
bring your resume and notes.
This article describes a few common questions asked in engineering interviews.
To answer interview questions professionally, The STAR interview response technique has been
The STAR interview response technique
If you are preparing for an interview and practicing your responses, understanding and using
the STAR technique is very beneficial. STAR helps you answer behavioural questions with clarity
by relying on your own experiences. STAR stands for:
Situation: Describe the challenge that you faced.
Task: Describe your role in the situation.
Action: Describe your steps to overcome the challenge.
Result: Describe your results.
In the interview the employer will ask you some General Question and some related to your
field (Engineering).
General Interview Questions:
Your answers to general questions will be the first impression you make on your potential employer.
You may use this opportunity to highlight your best experiences and skills, which will help the
interviewer, determine if you are qualified for the position.

  • Who are you and what makes you unique?
  • Are you capable of multi-tasking? What examples can you provide?
  • In what way would your co-workers describe you?
  • What do you do on a typical day?
  • How would you describe your strengths? How would you describe your weaknesses?
  • How do you deal with failure?
  • What do you think about constructive criticism?
  • Would you change anything if you could go back five years in time?
  • What will be your first contribution to the company if I hire you?
  • Did you ever get fired? If so, why?
  • Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

Engineering interview questions:

    • Describe the most challenging engineering project you’ve ever worked on.
    • Describe the technical report or presentation you completed.
    • Provide an example of when you used logic to solve an engineering problem.
    • Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills.
    • Can you explain what process you follow for detecting mistakes in your work?
    • In the past six months, what engineering skills have you learned or improved on?
    • What software programs are you familiar with?
    • Describe a time when you used problem-solving skills to solve a design problem.
    • What makes you a successful engineer?
    • Can you name your favorite engineering project?
    • What’s your method for staying current with technology?
    • Tell me about a time when you worked on a team and something ended up wrong.

What would you have done differently?

  • Did you ever deal with a difficult client, employee, or employer? If so, how did you
    handle it?
  • Describe a time when you received negative feedback. What was your response?
  • Could you tell me why you are interested in this job? What do you like about the
  • What do you think will be your biggest challenge in this position?
  • Please describe your ideal manager.
  • What salary are you expecting?
  • Are you authorized to work on classified projects?
  • In five years, what do you hope to accomplish in your career?

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