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Easy Ways to Find the Job in Singapore

Singapore Finding jobs
Singapore Finding jobs

Easy Ways to Find the Job in Singapore

Singapore is one of the main global cities and one of the nerve centers of world trade, with the third largest financial center and the second port that moves the most goods. Its globalized and diversified economy depends especially on trade and the manufacturing sector.

Keys to a job in Singapore
1.- Get a good CV
You are in Asia, that is, the image counts and a lot. If you include a photograph on your CV, let it be one where you leave with a professional appearance. Do not forget to include studies, work experience briefly explaining your functions, previous salary and very important the notice period. Many times they ask when you could join the work (if they have selected you, of course).

Reasons why you should be selected:

– You have good CV (years of experience, languages, etc.)
– You do not cost the company dearly.
– luck

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2.- No walk-in applications!
In Singapore, the CV is not distributed manually (this is known as a walk-in application). Everything is done online and better than ‘apply’ once you arrive in Singapore. Below I describe various ways to find employment in Singapore:
The work of headhunter is very well recognized in Singapore and its work is mainly based on selecting the best candidates for a job vacancy. It is a hard and tedious task due to the enormous amount of CVs that they receive every day.

Work agencies
Singapore is famous because it specifies the largest number of employment agencies in Southeast Asia, or so they say. Let’s say it’s an easy solution – maybe not the best – to find a job. I leave the best known and do not forget to visit the MOM website (Ministry of Manpower) to see the official and updated list of all employment agencies, to avoid surprises more than anything.

Daily Straits Times
This newspaper is the best known to look for employment in Singapore. In its online version you can see some offers but without a doubt -and if you are in Singapore- I recommend the paper version, especially on Sundays where there are many offers in the last pages. Note that the vast majority of these offers are for locals, Malaysians or with a Work Permit.

Social networking sites
Here we talk about Facebook or other portals, but especially LinkedIn. You know, create a profile, write your professional experience and add ‘important’ people as contacts.

Apply For the Following Jobs

One of them may have the key to make Singapore your next destination.

If you want to know what are and will be the jobs most in demand, you can consult the list Strategic skills in demand that publishes and updates the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) without forgetting the key sectors in Singapore.

3.- During the job interview
Well, there’s no trick here. Of course, go to the interview. Of course, do not be late. It is very easy to get lost in both skyscrapers especially if you do not know the city-country well. If you do not have a suit.

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4.- After the job interview
After each interview, I recommend that you send a thank you email, no later than the next day. It is very important to do it in a country with a selective process as strong as Singapore. It will undoubtedly earn you points in front of other candidates for the position. Just do not be pedantic or send an email full of flourishes: be short and sincere.

5.- Call them! Show interest
Tired of looking at your mobile or email every 15 minutes to see if they answer? If it’s been 2 weeks, the interview went well for you and you really want that job, by all! Call and ask if they have news about the position.


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