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Easy Ways to Find a Work in Canada – Tips

7 Tips For Finding Work in Canada
7 Tips For Finding Work in Canada

Easy Ways to Find a Work in Canada – Tips

Did you just land in Canada and are you looking for a job? Do not you have any idea where to start?

Do not worry, we were all a little lost at the beginning. Whether you are looking for a qualified job or not, here are some tips to help you with the search that from my point of view can be useful.

1. Adapt your curriculum to the Canadian model, which has some differences with respect to Spanish. For example, the Canadian curriculum does not include a photograph and does not contain the date of birth. For more information you can visit this page of the Canadian Government where they give good advice to make a good CV.

Top 10 Resume Tips
Top 10 Resume Tips

2. Write a Cover Letter: very important in Canada. Basically you should summarize your work and academic life in a fun and focused way to the work you are applying to; It must also be personalized for each Company and for the position to which you are applying. More information in this link.

10 Tips to Write Cover Letter
10 Tips to Write Cover Letter

3. Looking for work both in person (in many establishments there are posters indicating that they need workers, mostly for unskilled jobs) and on the Internet (some time ago I wrote a post naming the best websites to find work in Canada and the best websites to be able to find practices in Canada ). I also recommend sending your résumé to the rrhh department of companies of interest even if they do not have any advertised vacancies, since the vast majority of positions are not posted on the Internet (more than 50%, you can read this article called ” Why the Best Jobs are Never Advertised and How to Find Them “).

4. Have your Criminal Record Certificate prepared since they ask for it in many jobs when formalizing your contract. For more information on how to obtain this certificate you can consult this post that I published a few weeks ago and that is specially dedicated to it.

5. Register in pages of Temporary Employment Companies (ETT) such as Randstad , Adecco and many more that you will find depending on where you are located in Canada. If you find a temporary job through them you could get a permanent contract if you are lucky with the company that hires you.

6. Visit Specialized Agencies to find work, there are many types and different in each city: for young people, for newcomers to the country, for new immigrants … (There are also agencies that help you get work before leaving Spain in exchange for a commission, an example would be the Information Planet ).

7. Make contacts (Networking) . One of the best ways to find work is to try to interact with people in the country. These contacts can help us get a job through a recommendation or they can simply provide us with information that we could not get in any other way or it would be much more complicated.

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