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China Offering Multiple Jobs — Apply

China Hiring Staff
China Hiring Staff

China Offering Multiple Jobs — Apply

China was the world’s largest economy in 1820 and is the second largest economy today. The private sector is the main driver of growth and employment. China is the second largest provider and the top receiver of foreign direct investment (FDI)

China is the world’s largest exporter and the second largest importer of merchandise goods. China experienced a marked slow-down of GDP growth. China is developing middle class consumers and lifting more people out of poverty than any other country.

The major Industries of China are services, manufacturing and agriculture.

China makes and sells more manufacturing goods than any other country on the planet. The range of Chinese goods includes iron, steel, aluminum, textiles, cement, chemicals, toys, electronics, rail cars, ships, aircraft and many other products.

Large foreign companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, have even entered the Chinese service markets. These kinds of moves help to jumpstart the telecommunications industry, cloud computing and e-commerce.

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