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9 well paid jobs without many studies

9 Highest Paying Jobs Without Many Studies
9 Highest Paying Jobs Without Many Studies

9 well paid jobs without many studies

Sometimes there is no guarantee to be able to earn a large salary after completing study from university. On the contrary, there are jobs for which there is no need for higher education and through which it is possible to achieve high rewards.

1. Vertical works

Anything that is dropped in height by the facade of a building, either for cleaning or for construction, has the potential to generate large revenues, perhaps due to the fact that it is a dangerous job. The lowest salary, they say, of 1,400 euros.

2. Worker on oil rig

Being in some cases thousands of kilometers from home, in the middle of the sea, has to be well paid yes or yes. You do not have to be an engineer or anything like that because in these platforms you need many professionals of all kinds: machinists, drillers, cooks, electricians, mechanics … The jobs are very different and are well paid depending on the qualification.

3. Air controller

We all know the fame that controllers have: great salary, a lot of stress, a lot of responsibility but you do not need a university degree. It only takes 18 months of training and overcoming medical requirements, and of course, languages.

4. Dental technician

They say that a dental technician can earn 3,000 euros per month. Their work, essential for dentists since they are in charge of the molds and implants they need. To be a prosthetist you only need to make a module.

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5. Ruby On Rails and Front-End Developer

Of course, the computer also has its space among the highest-paid professions without having to make a fence. In this case we will stop first in the Ruby On Rails language, which is not very common (and that’s why it is well paid), and then in the so-called Front-End, which requires expert professionals in both design and web development.

6. SEO Expert

All the big companies and consultants already have an expert team in SEO, or what is the same, of positioning in search engines, preferably in Google. Their job is to make certain searches in the network, the company or brand in question appears of the first. They usually have many offers to work in communication consultancies .

7. Police

Yes. A police officer (Local or National) can get a great salary throughout his life without having studied a career. In fact, an agent of the so-called Basic Scale earns much more than many graduates. It is clear that to achieve this goal a great effort is necessary since the oppositions are difficult and also there are fewer and fewer candidates. Something bad must have.

8. Event organizer

When we talk about event organizers, we do not mean party organizers in Ibiza (at least not only that), but to organize meetings, forums, fairs … And for that, you simply need to be an orderly person … and have contacts.

9. Football player representative

Being a soccer player does not require a university career. Many of them have become very rich without much study.

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