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9 Ways to face Negative comments in office – Read Now

Negative Comments Faces
Negative Comments Faces

9 Ways to face Negative comments in office – Read Now

Are you someone too sensitive? Do you get discouraged easily when people make a little joke on you? The solution is easy: you have to make a harder character. After this article you should feel h4er and more sure of yourself, so you do not feel downtrodden again every time someone bothering you pass it, or you do your target of ridicule.

  • 1 – Always plan ahead. Think of what can happen, and plan what you will say. Rehearse in front of the mirror until you have mastered.
  • 2 – Become hardhearted. If someone says, “You’re ugly!” or mocks your appearance, you do not laugh or put yourself to mourn. Try to control yourself , and then take some water if needed.
  • 3 – Get good friends and shows a nice personality. If they know you’re lazy and annoying, prove yourself. Offer to do extra work at school, talking instead of sitting on a bench. It may be your personality that makes you teased. If you get together with good friends, then they could help.

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  • 4 – Have a good hygiene. Use deodorant and bathe every day. Be sure not to have a bad odor, because if so, people might make fun of you. Brush your teeth and your hair.
  • 5 – Do not cry all the time. If someone asks you to stop mourn, because it annoys you , apologizes and promises not to do it again. To avoid breaking into tears again, press the knuckles and stand firm.
  • 6 – When someone says something offensive, pretends it is a nice comment. Instead of saying “Thank you!” Smiles and retire.
  • 7 – When you feel uncomfortable with people who you are, because they’re saying negative comments about you, ignore them and give them back. The next day , stay away from them.
  • 8 – If you want people to be nice to you, then so I am kind to them. Do not smile if you’re going to make fun of a new kid in your school. When that person will say “Hello” greeting regrettable. Because that person will get new friends and when that happens, they might start bothering

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  • 9 – Finally, always keep calm. Do not scream “I’m not stupid, you’re it !” Tell calmly: “I do not agree” and walk away.


First impressions count a lot. It is as if they were auditioning, and walk disheveled, torn pants, a hat, and yellow teeth. Obviously you’d be criticized.
Let people say what they want. Unhappy people are actually looking for someone to get even with what happens.
When someone goes too far with their negative comments, tell an adult. If after that, that person still bothering you, confront it.

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Ignoring them may also work. They will be insulting strangers because you will not even looking.


Do not fight. I am a better person than them.
If this is a joke on you, raise your eyebrow as if you gave to understand that the joke is pretty ridiculous.
If they realize that their teasing hurt you, they continue to do so until they get tired. Outsmart them.

Things You’ll Need

  • Confidence
  • Good sense of humor
  • A pleasant personality
  • True friends

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