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7 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid Now – Read

7 most common mistakes in cv
7 most common mistakes in cv

7 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid Now – Read

The resume is freelancers first letter of introduction, the very first thing that recruiters will know about you, so when you feel like writing it, you should take care of its preparation and focus on those aspects in which you stand out.

However, there are certain mistakes that are made with frequency with the idea of ​​drawing attention, not always in an accurate way, to the people responsible for the selection processes:

1. Informality: Your resume should show that you are a professional person so you should avoid the use of overly colloquial words that seem to be directed to a friend. But beware! Do not abuse distant or formal.

2. Empty words: as we already talked about in this blog, there are words that we consider “key” but in reality they do not contribute anything different to your CV because they do not say anything.

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3. Disorganized structure: the recruiter is just going to dedicate a few seconds to your resume to discard or not facing a position. Do not make it difficult. Order information about your education and your experience in a coherent way.

4. Take care of the presentation: It is clear that to draw the attention of the recruiter you must differentiate your curriculum from the rest and one way to do it is in the design, but do not pass yourself off as an original. Avoid designs that make it difficult to find your personal information.
It may seem fun but for the recruiter is not going to waste more time than necessary to find the information that interests you and if you do not find it easily, it will go to the CV of another candidate.

5. Typography: So important is the design that you decide to incorporate into your curriculum as the typeface you use. Always bet on a simple and modern design that facilitates reading, whoever reads it will thank you.

6. Inadequate email: one of the contact data that should not be missing is your email, and as with your CV should convey professionalism. Avoid funny or invented names or server accounts that seem unreliable.

7. Photography: All curriculum must be accompanied by a photograph but make sure it is recent and of good quality. It is a mistake to cut out the last picture you made when you went out with friends.

Also, remember to limit the length of your resume to a maximum of two pages. If you do not have enough experience, do not include irrelevant information to extend it, but if on the contrary you have a very long experience, the ability to synthesize is fundamental, and will be positively valued by the recruiter.

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