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5 ways to quit your Job Gracefully – Read More


5 ways to quit your Job Gracefully – Read More

If you’ve decided to quit your job and you’re ready to tell your employer, be careful,because not doing it correctly it could affect your future, according to a new study by the firm Office Team.

Almost 90% of hiring managers said the way in which employees quit a job has at least some effect on their future career opportunities. And only 12% of respondents said that the way in which employees give no bearing on the chances of getting a job in the future.






Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, stated that leaving a job leaves a lasting impression, “so it is essential out under the best possible conditions.”
And to help employees who will resign Office Team offers several tips:

Give adequate notice. Do not let your boss to know the other person than yourself. Schedule a meeting to inform you before you tell someone else. Typically two weeks prior notice and provide training to your replacement.






Help others. Provides detailed instructions to your coworkers about any project you’ve been working. And make sure your colleagues have all the information necessary to complete any unfinished task.
Do not reduce the pace. Use the time you have left to help finish the projects you work.

Provides feedback. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in an exit interview. If you can, do and be honest with your comments. Make constructive comments.
Leave a positive impression. Before leaving, take the time to say goodbye and thank your colleagues for the timeshare. It also provides information to keep in touch with them.

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