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5 Tips to Get a Job Easily

5 Tips to Get a Job
5 Tips to Get a Job

5 Tips to Get a Job Easily

The professional with the best curriculum can lose his chance if he commits imprudence; The appointment with the recruiter is important, here are five mistakes to avoid in a job interview.

1. Gold CV. The curriculum is a ‘picture’ of your work life, so it needs to be very descriptive but in a few words . Where do you have to be forceful? In the tasks that you master and the results obtained (without being numerical better).

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Avoid at all costs. Include minimum details, such as primary, secondary and even upper secondary education. It is also not advisable to attach photography or exaggerate technical skills, such as languages ​​and programs, describe the manual “Preparing my job interview”.

2. Question of Schedule. Although it seems unprecedented, you are not exempt from having a mishap just the day of the interview (after having planned that moment for weeks or days).

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Avoid at all costs. Arrive at the work meeting too early or late. In the first case, the interviewer will feel pressured by having to receive you before the time previously confirmed. If you have any problem to reach the agreed time, call, a message from the cell phone does not apply in these cases. Being professional even to “excuse” the delay allows to continue with the process and speaks well of the candidate.

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If you are allowed to choose the time, prefer the morning, according to research eight out of 10 executives shows a tendency to organize recruitment appointments and hire early.

3. Listen, first. In the first moments of the conversation, the temptation to “decorate” the conversation may arise so that the recruiter convinces you that you are a brilliant option, however …

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Avoid at all costs. Interrupting the person for wanting to answer. The interview should be developed under a question and answer scheme, very cordial, but without answering beyond what is questioned.

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When giving information, if you observe the recruiter’s wishes about knowing more, tell him if he requires details about your experience in a certain position and company. Listen carefully to avoid losing the focus of the meeting.

Eye: It is taken as ‘disloyal’ to speak ill of a boss or previous job. It is best to respond that a change is sought for professional growth.

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4. At the end of the interview, you can ask what is the next step? And if it is possible to call them later. Those final minutes, take advantage of them to summarize your experience and why you are the ideal person to occupy the position. Avoid at all costs. Get a strong response the next day. Most likely, the interviewer gives news one or two weeks, if not, then communicate to ask how the selection dynamic goes, without pressing.

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5. Money, at last. The salary is one of the transcendental points, that is undeniable. But in terms of the first impression, the questions about income, benefits and extra compensation are more at the beginning or development of the interview, unless the recruiter takes the issue at that time, says Miller.

Avoid at all costs. Surely, who will be the boss or the person in charge of Human Resources will ask you what payment do you want to obtain? “The desired moment”, do not lose that space showing inexperience. You must master how your services are tabulated in the labor market.

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