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5 lines that a boss should never cross


5 lines that a boss should never cross
five lines that should never cross our superiors. Take note of them!

1- Make referrals to your wages compared to other peers .

Allison & Taylor consultants stress that is private and confidential information, so other colleagues should not know what our remuneration within the company. Comments like “I do not pay enough” or “I paid too much” can arouse resentment among colleagues.

2- Have unreasonable expectations .

This issue is somewhat complicated because it is difficult to determine how fair or unfair are the expectations of our superior. The point is that our managers should clearly communicate their expectations deposited in our work and productivity, and to set reasonable deadlines for achieving projects and help employees when necessary.

3- Share too many details of his private life

. You are your employee, not your therapist, so your superior should not share with problems or details of his personal life, however good harmony that exists between the two. If you find that the conversation veers continuously in this regard, show yourself in your answers brief and redirects the subject into the work as soon as you can. This principle should also apply yourself, so do not aerate your personal life in your workplace, or with your superiors or with your classmates.

4- Inappropriate remarks .

If your superior says something that causes you to feel uncomfortable, hurt or blushing, probably he never should have said. This includes jokes, emails or comments loudly about the physical, for example. Beyond that limit shows a lack of respect for others and is entirely inadequate.

5- Link your job performance factors such as your gender, race, age or religion .

None of these issues have nothing to do with your ability to do the job, so only unfair, the comment will be totally discriminatory.

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