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5 Jobs that you do at home to earn extra money – Read

How easy to make money online at home
How easy to make money online at home

5 Jobs that you do at home to earn extra money – Read

It is now very easy to earn the money at home without investment of money but knowledge what you have earned from studies ever. You know your strengths, weaknesses and you know well about your technical strengths and we would suggest you to gather all the strengths and do your work at home, be your own boss and earn how much you can, here are the few professions as freelancer you can do…..!!

1. Writer
If you study literature, you have probably heard comments about how difficult it is to find a job or how useless the degree is. However, as the online world grows new opportunities open up for writers to work from a cafeteria or their home.

The writers can be in any industry. Businesses need them to create sales and marketing copies as they develop and update online stores, they need writers who can provide them with a clean and clear digital instruction manual (without falling into technical writings) or just good, valued content. Jobs as full-time writers in advertising, marketing and brand positioning (B2B and B2C) are definitely available, as businesses are constantly changing and updating their websites and other media where content and messages take place.

If you prefer to do something more editorial and less commercial, you can also find it. Media companies (including Entrepreneur) offer writers and editors positions in digital publications that can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. In fact, some Entrepreneur writers work from Spain or in their homes instead of the Mexico City office.






How to earn money as a writer online? The best-selling novelist and writer Neil Gaiman once said that there are three attributes that a good writer must have: his work always on time, always excellent work and always be pleasant. Gaiman emphasizes that a successful writer must necessarily possess at least two of these three qualities.

However, the extensive amount of emails that publishers and companies receive on a daily basis means that it is easier to tell someone “No” than not to respond at all. Being a writer is being willing to be rejected, but also to make an extra effort. Do not settle for having two of these three qualities, as Gaiman suggests. If you want to make yourself irresistible for business, give your best for being nice, competent and punctual.

You will need some technical knowledge if you want to be available as an online writer. Obviously, you do not need to be Bill Gates, but at least you should know how to add a link and cut a photo. You can practice these skills by entering sites like WordPress, experimenting with their tools and publishing a couple of stories. In this way, you can get experience and create a small portfolio of articles that you can share with companies when you want to apply to write them. According to Payscale.com the annual salary range for a writer in the United States is approximately $ 48,000.

2. Video editor
You’ve probably heard the widely used term “pivot to video” at some point, which refers to the joke and acceptance of the fact that many editors are introducing their resources on video. Buying video advertising is more expensive than buying the traditional because it leads to high click rates, which means that a business can potentially make a lot of money through the videos rather than using other forms of content. So if you know how to create great videos that make people want to see them and generate revenue or subscriptions on a website, you can become a very valuable agent.

How to earn money as a video editor? Producing videos is much more expensive than producing texts or written content, so it’s always good to be versatile, especially as an editor and producer. Try to become an expert in every aspect of video production, you should know from lighting to sound and photo editor. Learn the difference between what works on a Facebook Live and works on YouTube.

If you learn how to do everything, then you can reduce the film crew to one person and allow companies to save costs and enjoy video ad revenue. That makes you an important asset because it allows companies to reduce risks and this can help you be a full-time employee. Therefore, if you are already a professional framing a shot make sure you master the software you need. If you are a genius with the computer, try to make some Facebook Lives, interviews and other types of video to make sure you are prepared for anything.

If you want to do a job from home, where they pay you an average of $ 45,000 per year, according to Payscale.com, make sure you have the necessary computer equipment and software (like Adobe Première) to do it.

3. Programmer
If you are going to work on a computer all day, it makes sense that you can do it remotely. According to a study by Quartz that is why those who work with computers tend to do it from home more often than any employee in another field.
If you are working for a global company, such as Google, the business probably has already established an infrastructure for interoffice communication, which makes it easier for remote workers. Also, staying home means that the office – which can go to extremes to attract talented technology workers – can save on free lunches and snacks. It is a win-win for both employers and workers.






How to earn money as an online programmer? Generally, large companies are (or should at least be) flexible if you want to work from home a couple of days a week. But if you want to do it full time it is better to bet on small businesses because working from home you can save them some space in the office. You can probably find a lot of startups or small businesses looking for technological help with resources to pay a salary, but do not relocate or pay for additional office space.

As for the work itself, there is a good chance that you need a private virtual network (VPN) to connect securely to your company’s system, as well as some measures of organizational skills (Tip: you can use organizational tools, such as Trello ) to make sure you are aware of the projects. The payment for being a full time programmer is quite lucrative and the annual average salary is over $ 60,000 according to Payscale.com.

4. Virtual Assistant
With so many businesses using remote workers, it makes sense that the companies already have remote attendees. Virtual assistants can organize personal lives, either with appointments or booking trips, they can also manage communications between employees or between an employee and their clients. In conclusion, a good virtual assistant can manage everyone’s tasks, make the work day better and shorter, and have strong communication and technology skills to perform this role remotely.

According to an Entrepreneur collaborator, Bryan Miles, there are three main reasons why a business wants to hire a virtual assistant.

1) Improve communication, which leads to business growth. We all know what it is like to have an avalanche of messages waiting in our inbox or voice mail, as well as how difficult it is to be up to date with everything you need. As a virtual assistant your job could be to make sure that each important email receives a good response on time, which helps the business build trust around its consumers and employees.

2) Inspiring their bosses. By taking over the items on a to-do list, I was able to free up enough business leaders’ time to try new things. By organizing your time you can help them delegate projects that do not need immediate attention and focus on those that matter most.

3) Make the lives of others easier. When you help to optimize the work of others, you allow them to dedicate less time to work and more time to other important activities.

Although the payment of a virtual assistant is not competitive with the salary scale of a programmer,
If you live in an area of ​​the country with a low cost of living, you can take advantage of the remote aspect of the work by doing it for a company that has its headquarters in New York City, San Francisco or another city with high salaries.

How to earn money as a virtual assistant? Some businesses are cautious with the concept of virtual assistants. Providing strangers with access to private communication or confidential information makes having a virtual assistant more dangerous than hiring another type of teleworker.

If you want to be a virtual assistant, you have your confidence the number one priority. Focus on organization, responsibility and clear communications above all (practicing discretion is also good), so your employer will know who you can count on.
It is also a good idea to know and manage Microsoft Office. You probably already know how to use Word quite well, but many assistant positions require that you work with spreadsheets, so it is better to be comfortable with Excel as well.

5. Social media manager
Social networks are not only fun you can share with your friends. They are also a place where thousands of brands and businesses compete for marketing spaces, and many times, for the same audience. If you can help businesses move forward in that environment, you can forge a valuable position within a company. However, one of the most important aspects of the social media manager is someone who can understand the tone and voice of the business it represents. For example, a Wendy social media manager should use a different tone than McDonald’s, even if both are fast food hamburger restaurants.

When you work from home, it is easy to find yourself disconnected from the company for which you work. But being a social media manager is about being up to date with the business, knowing what is happening, what needs to be promoted and why the audience should be excited about it, this will let you know what labels to use to hit the nail on the head.

Similar to the virtual assistant you will have to have well developed your organization and communication skills if you want to become a social media manager. It helps to be a frequent user of Facebook or Twitter, but it could be more important to know how to use tools with which to manage social networks, such as HootSuite or SocialFlow, Facebook Analytics and much more. Just as a virtual assistant must be available to communicate your efforts and what your campaigns have achieved so that the employer can recognize your value.

How to earn money online as a social network administrator? The social media manager of Entrepreneur in English, Andrea Hardalo, usually comes to the office, but also works from home if she needs to. She offers us three tips that you can use to improve your social media management.

1. Knowing how much content to publish, this advice goes in two aspects. On the one hand, you do not want to show unwanted content for people to move away from your platform, but if you do not publish enough you could be losing a great potential of opportunities. So discover a good schedule in which the publications work, for the business – each platform you use – and maintain it.

2. Be genuine, we spend a lot of time connected to notice when people are talking about something they believe in, or if they are trying to force us to do something unwanted. That is why it is so important to have an idea of ​​your company and your audience: to know what matters to them, to be able to use this to guide the way you publish.

3. Interact, the best part of social networks is that it allows us all to interact, use that as an advantage! Consumers and audience members love to feel seen and heard, so be sure to answer some of their comments and commit yourself as much as you can in it.

Following these three steps, you can create a strong brand recognition through social networks that becomes visits to the page, advertising revenue or sales without sacrificing anything. You do not need any additional program to become a social media manager, who pays $ 48,620 on average, according to Payscale.com.

Earning money online or from home is the future
If you dream of making a guardadito from the comfort of your bed, you’re lucky. It’s easier than ever to work online or from home in a way that really benefits you and your employer, so you do not have to settle for renting your home on Airbnb or selling your things on Amazon. You can use these different ways of working and create a place within the industry that you choose with nothing more than a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection and the skills you already have.

However, regardless of the route you choose, you will have to work to stay connected with the current events in your company and with the rest of your team. As the poet John Donne once said: “No man is an island.”

But you can work from home and still enjoy paid time off.

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