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5 jobs that pay well without Experience

5 jobs that pay well without having any experience
5 jobs that pay well without having any experience

5 jobs that pay well without Experience

Everything depends on your abilities. Start being an apprentice in a specialized company and, little by little, get independent.

1. Carpenter

If you are good with manual labor, it may be the ideal job for you. Every time there are fewer professionals who do this kind of jobs and start to be highly valued.

The crafts and are well paid and there are opportunities all over the world. If you can position yourself correctly, you can receive large projects, travel to do them and be paid for it.

But if what you prefer is to have your little workshop and let your imagination fly without the need for commissions, you can do it and get positioned with an artist of wood

2. Travel agent

If what you are passionate about is traveling or knowing everything about exotic places, surely you are a person who knows a lot about the places and the best ways to move from one country to another.

Many people need advice, advice or indication, and you are ideal for it. All you have to do is create the plan and publicize it as clearly as possible.

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The form of transport, look for airline tickets, find the best restaurants, the most interesting routes and the entrances to the monuments. Everything counts.

Take into account all possible options and avoid setbacks with your customers. They hire you to have the best vacation of their lives. Do not spoil them

3. Seller

If you have the ability to convince people that what you are offering them is the best, then you have the soul of a salesperson. An innate ability to earn money.

You do not need to be the owner of what you are selling. There are many companies that look for commercials to be able to sell their products anywhere in the world.

Each and every one of the sales you make will have a direct commission for you. The more sales, the better your salary will be at the end of the month. Although it is also possible that you have a fixed salary.

The most profitable businesses are the sale of properties and houses. If you manage to sell any of them, you will earn good money in a short time.

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But do not close only to a specialized field, if you are a seller, you can sell anything and make money with your sales. Become the best intermediary .

4. Cruise leader

You may like the sea and travel. If you also do not get dizzy when you take a boat ride, you are passionate about people and you are fun , this is your idea work.

You do not have to have any degree; ,, work while you have a good time. They will be long trips, lasting several months and at no cost to you. You can travel at the same time you earn a lot of money

Ideally, you should intersperse months of travel with months of rest on dry land. It depends on each person and situation, but with practice you will find the best combination for you.

5. Translator

Your mother tongue has a lot of value. Many people want to learn Spanish , since it is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world.

It is advisable that in addition to Spanish you know some other language to be able to communicate with your client. With English is more than enough.

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Being a translator is one of the simplest and best paid jobs per hour. You can start doing it today through the Internet.

You can find work in a translation agency or do it autonomously. For me, doing it remotely is the best option.

Once you get your first customers, make sure you do a good job. If they offer you a translation job it is very possible that there is more.

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