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4 tips to protect your business and your love relationship

4 tips to protect your business and your love relationship
We share some strategies to remain successful in your work without neglecting the needs of your partner. Relationships are never easy, but an entrepreneur has a number of unique challenges when it comes to balance the demands of work with the needs of a couple.

After the entrepreneurial adventure almost ended his seven-year marriage, Brad Feld and Amy Batshelor managed to overcome obstacles and wrote a book about his experience. Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship With An Entrepreneur explores the challenges that entrepreneurs and their partners face in finding the balance between work and romance . “The passion, excitement and commitment that the entrepreneur must provide the business, are the same qualities to bring to a relationship, it might seem an advantage; however, over-enthusiasm leads to fatigue in both contexts, “says Feld.

Therefore we share these steps to help you succeed at work and the relationship:

1. Program time together Feld says to set priorities and make small changes in your calendar helps meet the needs of your relationship and strengthen ties. For example, Feld never schedule high-priority activities or urgent Friday, allowing you to open that day and the rest of the weekend. Feld and Batchelor have established ‘monthly dinners’ in which, without fail, leaving house somewhere nice and talk about what happened in the past month and set goals for the next. “Having programmed to be together in the calendar can give both the possibility of imagining a scenario of future time,” says Feld.

love relationship
love relationship

2. Avoid reactive behavior The relationship expert Debra Macleod coaches executives to manage the demands of work without losing their relationship and says that for it to be successful, entrepreneurs must avoid reacting to every emergency. “There is a big mental shift that needs to happen for us to learn the difference between responding to a demand of our time and react,” says Macleod. The next time you receive an email from “emergency” during family time, ask yourself how you react affect your relationship. “Many assume that the relationship is constant and is not going anywhere, but that’s not true,” he says.

3. Make romance a business decision “Production workers have a lower level of stress,” says Macleod. Think of romance as something as important as managing stress . “The romance is good for business because it makes you happy, allows you to be clear and you have the balance needed to be more productive.”

4. Keep your business out of your room Transform your habituation in a sensual escape. Install warm lights and put soft sheets and plenty of pillows for added comfort and maintain this clearance work papers and technology. Occupy half hour before bed to talk with your partner without close the laptop or smartphone, it’s a good way to ensure that you stay connected with your partner on busy days. Be careful with your talking points. Feld and Batchelor warn that the room is not the place to talk about difficult issues. “Your bedroom should be a sanctuary and a sky away from the world’s problems.”

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