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4 Tips for a Successful Resume Format

4 Tips of a Successful Resume
4 Tips of a Successful Resume

4 Tips for a Successful Resume Format

Making a curriculum vitae format should not be the most complicated thing in the world; but it is not something that we can perform in a distracted or careless way. Recall why: it is our letter of introduction to any recruiter, that document depends on whether or not we get interviews, it is the summary of our life and our best talents.

There are two issues that should be very clear about this role: the content and the way of presenting it . In the first one, it is essential that you put the correct information, with the key sections that will help you explain why you are -or will be- valuable for a company and what is your preparation for it.

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Now, for the second question (the way you present your data) there are some questions you can ask your CV to know if you are on the right track. The idea is simple: after the time you have invested in thinking and writing your professional experience , your achievements, your objective and your skills, it is fair to reflect that effort.

1. Is it visually attractive?

Print it, stick it on a wall and get a few steps away from it. Do you like how it looks? Is it ordered or messy? Is it easy to read? Is the letter too big or too small? Is the information organized? Do they highlight some important parts or does everything look the same?

Keep in mind that, because of the workload or the number of applications they receive, recruiters spend 6 to 20 seconds looking at your resume for the first time .
You do not need a professional design , rather a clean document. Think about it while watching it from a distance.

2. Would someone who does not work in your area understand?

Using many technicalities will make your CV confusing. Of course you want to show everything you know, but there will be time in interviews for that. For the moment, think how a person outside your work field could understand it. As a tip, show your CV to a family member or friend and ask them to tell you what they interpret at each point of your work experience. That will give you a good parameter to know how a recruiter can perceive it and modify what sounds ambiguous, tangled or that is not understood.

Note: this does not mean that you should write it as an informal letter. Look for creative words, effective, but digestible for any audience.

3. Are you sure you no longer have spelling or “finger” errors?

If in the previous point we talked about the importance of a clear language – but professional, always, without exceptions – now it is time to avoid small, huge trips.

Spelling is vital for two reasons : it shows that you pay attention to any detail and that you gave yourself the necessary time to review your writing and polish it.

The “finger errors”, the lack of accents, change of letters (“b” for “v”, “s” for “c”), etc., subtract points to your application. And it’s what you least want.

4Why do you think it would make you stand out from other candidates?

Think of the message that your curriculum is sending: does the good aspirant reflect that you are for a position? Does it show you as a person who put your resume to heart? Does it respond to the requirements that vacancies require? Why would you be interested in reading that document that you will send to the recruiters?

Meditating this will possibly make you find something that you can add or subtract to your CV to always improve it.

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