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Do not speak of wages in the first interview


It's only fair to share...Do not speak of wages in the first interview During a job interview there are some controversial issues. Including one of the most obvious is the issue of wages . While this is important, most people do not know how to talk about it. It is …

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Best Job Interview: FAQs

interview question

It's only fair to share...Face a job interview is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Normally in any job interview a number of questions are repeated more or less variations. Here we present a list of the most common questions and issues in job interviews.

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Aptitude Test in selecting jobs

job test

It's only fair to share...It is considered as a specific test for a given job , also identifies various functions such as reaction speed, coordination, among others. At present, the aptitude test is widely used to learn the skills of the applicant and thus know what you can offer to get …

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8 great success stories of entrepreneurs

success stories of entrepreneurs

It's only fair to share...If you really want to start a business, maybe these cases may inspire and guide your planning. It never ceases to amaze me how much time people spend looking magical shortcuts to achieve business success as the only ideal way is staring straight: actual real entrepreneurs …

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Habits to improve productivity at work

Habits to improve productivity at work

It's only fair to share...“Habits can be either the best of servants or the worst of masters” Although we are not aware, we all have a series of habits that we repeat almost automatically. They influence our daily lives and can make us feel a different mood or even be …

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How to write a resume with no work experience


It's only fair to share...How to write a resume with no work experience Just published a tender for the job of your dreams. Nothing in this world like you more than get that job. But there is one problem: you have no professional experience. You keep studying your career or …

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