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10 Well paid jobs that do not require experience – Apply

10 Well paid jobs that do not require Experience
10 Well paid jobs that do not require Experience

10 Well paid jobs that do not require Experience – Apply

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Tired of only finding ads for job positions that require years of experience and pay very little? We have compiled a list of 10 jobs that, despite not requiring experience, pay very well.

Purchasing manager

A purchasing manager (merchandise planner) is responsible for planning purchases for a trade. The academic level required for this position depends on each company; Larger businesses usually require a university degree.

Average salary: $ 51,400
It is expected a growth in demand for purchasing managers of 7 percent for the period 2010-2020.






Forensic accountant

A forensic accountant (forensic accountant) is responsible for investigating statements of accounts of individuals and companies in search of irregularities. Similar to what a police investigator does but focused on financial data.

Academic preparation: to practice as a forensic accountant, you must complete a career in accounting or finance. In most cases, you must obtain some additional certification.
Average salary: $ 51,400
Labor perspectives (2010-2020): increase of 16 percent

Sales representative (pharmaceutics)

The sales representatives (pharmaceutical sales reps) are responsible for promoting medicines from pharmaceutical companies to medical professionals.

Academic requirements: Most pharmacies require a university career (sales, marketing, business … are some of the most common careers in this profession)
Median salary: $ 52,900
Labor Perspectives (2010-2020): 16 percent increase
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Power plant operator

An operator of power plants (power plant operator) is in charge of the administration and maintenance of the plant, from the supervision of employees to the technical maintenance of the power plant

Academic requirements: in many of the announced positions, a university degree is not required; it is enough to have finished High School
Median salary: $ 54,400
Labor prospects (2010-2020): A decrease of 2.2 percent or a total difference of 1000 jobs is expected. Currently, there are a total of 55,900 operators.

Information Security Analyst






An information security analyst (network security analyst) is responsible for planning, installing and maintaining the security systems that protect a computer network. With the increase in cyber terrorism in recent years, both the government and companies require qualified personnel to protect information.

Academic preparation: Although some of the workers in this industry have not finished a career, most of the new announcements require completion of some technical career (computer information systems, computer science, mathematics, software engineering … these are some of the most common among professionals in this field)
Median salary: $ 55,700
Labor perspective (2010-2020): growth of 22 percent

Software developer

A software developer is responsible for creating the applications and programs that every computer needs to fulfill its functions. Software developers have come to the fore in recent years; software is already an essential requirement for most companies

Academic preparation: In the announced positions, the computer science career is usually required (although there are exceptions in which a great programmer can get a job without the need of a university degree)
Average salary: $ 58,200
Labor perspective (2010-2020): 30 percent increase

Actuary Assistant

An assistant actuary (actuarial assistant) is responsible for developing statistical and probability calculations for insurance companies, finance and anyone who demands an absolute command of these mathematical fields.

Academic preparation: University career (actuarial science, mathematics, statistics or finance)
Average salary: $ 58,400
Labor perspective (2010-2020): Increase of 27 percent

Financial analyst

A financial analyst (investment banking analyst) provides financial services to individual and institutional clients. Their job is to analyze existing investment opportunities, recommend actions and, in many cases, prepare the necessary reports.

Academic preparation: in most of the positions announced, a finance or mathematics degree is required. To advance within the companies, an MBA is usually required.
Average salary: $ 69,100
Labor perspective (2010-2020): 23 percent increase

Information systems analyst

An information technology analyst (business technology analyst) is responsible for improving the IT infrastructure of companies to improve productivity.

Academic preparation: the most common careers are business, information technology, computer science or computer information systems
Median salary: $ 69,900
Labor perspective (2010-2020): increase of 22 percent
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Petroleum engineer

An oil engineer (petroleum engineer) is responsible for designing and implementing methods for oil extraction. Academic preparation: to perform the job, the oil engineering career is required
Median salary: $ 87,600
Labor perspective (2010-2020): increase of 17 percent
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