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10 Practical Tips to Avoid Conflicts with Bosses – BCA

Tips to avoid Conflict with boss
Tips to avoid Conflict with boss

10 Practical Tips to Avoid Conflicts with Bosses – BCA

Conflicts between boss and worker boss or are stressed out and source of many headaches in the daily work of women. Most of the time the problems are generated by differences such as compensation, productivity, reconciling work and family life and the general working conditions of women. However, another source of conflict with our heads is when we want to participate in the decision – making processes that may affect directly or indirectly and not ignore us. Many times, working just assuming the role of victim subordinated to the wishes and whims of the leaders bosses. The boss who manages conflicts well in the company must be a person always present, always available, you must know how to listen and to be willing to form (and report) permanently subordinates, facing it a person close and reasonable. If there is communication between the boss and subordinates, there will be no confidence so that we can raise the most difficult issues that always arise in the day to day business. A boss with future should generate an error tolerant environment, a reliable environment that prevents workers feel intimidated when acting.
1. You are not the owner of the truth.
Learning to value the opinion of people with more experience. You can not be in an eternal dispute of who is right, you or your boss. This is not to believe that you are always right at work.
2. Not maximize small problems.
If the problem has a solution to worry about. If the problem has no solution, it is already solved because you can not do anything. The problems are as big or small as you want them to be. Should have a setback, try to find solutions before the problems lead to your boss. Surely the boss wants to subordinate that give them solutions, not a collection of problems. Contribute new ideas.

3. Do not be the judge of your workplace.
Not be permanently judging others colleagues. They will do the same for you.
4. Before speaking, he thinks.
Do not open the boot and then reflect on the stupidity you just said. Talking calmly give you the wisdom needed to disarm his boss, decency not fight with anyone.
5. We all have bad days, is the boss and subordinate.
Understand that if we have hard days, so will the boss. Some days it is better to be quiet and away.
6. A good trick is to give away a small victory to the boss.
Sometimes it is good to make him believe he has won. The bosses are happy, but the final victory will be yours.
7. Not always feel offended by little jokes and nonsense.
Your boss, your boss, not your father. And you get paid and demand to send and execute their job.

8. Do not badmouth their heads with anyone.
Never. And it happens so, it is with someone from outside and far away from your company. There are many colleagues very unreliable.
9. Good relations between boss and subordinate end well if they start well.
Do not take intimacy with your boss, talk polite and dignified manner. So teach him and maracas the pattern of how you want to be treated from the beginning of the employment relationship.
10. If you want a good job and peaceful future, repeat after me:
I will never go to bed with my boss, I never go to bed with my boss, I never go to bed with my boss …

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