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10 errors in Your Resume that destroy your impression

10 Errors That Destroy Your CV
10 Errors That Destroy Your CV

10 errors in Your Resume that destroy your impression

When asked why a candidate has been more than 6 months without obtaining a job, the first thing I think is that there is a problem with your CV.Nobody teaches us to do, and we are not always clear what you should bring and what not.

A curriculum has a main goal: to sell as an employee.The company will choose the best ‘product’ and your mission is that the curriculum expresses your professional value, experience and knowledge.
It should also provide the company with basic information to contact you, you must show why you can be the one for the job and make them want to meet you in person. When you do that with your CV, the recruiter calls you to arrange an interview.

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1. It is very long
According to data EjobsDirectory.com , a vacancy receives an average of 30 applications. That is at least 30 resumes the recruiter will have to review. No one impresses a CV by extension, simply no time to read it. The challenge is to highlight what is really important in a nutshell.
So what one or two leaves? That depends on your profile and experience. If you are in 1 sheet able to sell great! If you think you need to extend yourself more, it uses too.

2. Has irrelevant information
There are only 3 personal data you are interested in a resume: name, phone and mail contact. The latter should be professional, if you use an account as xyz8899@gmail.com or xyz@mail.com your document loses seriously.

3. Misspellings and writing
No matter if you are an engineer or financial analyst. Spelling in your resume indicates that pay attention to detail and are professional. If as a recruiter I find a curriculum with serious misspellings or wording does not make me want to keep reading, and less if I have a stack of resumes to review.

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4. hackneyed phrases
99% of candidates write on your resume phrases like “highly responsible” “results-oriented” “proactive”. They are very common and are abused in the job search, so impress anyone. Focus on highlighting your experience and skills and let your accomplishments speak for you.

5. Generic Job Objective
Imagine that the first thing the recruiter reading your resume is what you want from the company. This happens with most career goals: the needs of the candidate speak.


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