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Singapore enjoys a great economic success product having created favorable institutional conditions for investment, job creation and to raise the average income of its inhabitants, and the many foreigners who work there. Consequently, the economic characteristics of Singapore are a role model. However, the limitations on political competition are a very great for those in the government power. This power limits, effectively, the exercise of some civil liberties. In addition, introduces elements of lack of transparency in public administration; especially in the administration of its international reserves through sovereign wealth funds Temasek Holdings Private Limited and GIC Private Limited.
Singapore is a small city-state of limited size, high population and lack of natural resources. It is located in Southeast Asia and its territory covers barely 697Km 2 , in which live about 5.6 million people. Compared with the Dominican Republic, Singapore fits 70 times in the Dominican territory and its population density is almost 37 times that of the Dominican Republic.

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Singapore Companies provides remuneration from the world-class benefits package that includes programs and options, insurance coverage, plan health and welfare pension, 401 (k) plan, educational assistance, paid time off and a variety of other programs balance work / life.

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