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5 fears that reduce your options in a job interview


5 fears that reduce your options in a job interview
There are workers in a selection process , they feel that the enemy is an outsider, ie, other rivals who aspire to the same position. However, in a job interview you have to measure your strength with yourself because you can become your worst enemy.
There are fears that although they are very human can reduce your chances in a process of job search :
1. First, the fear of not being chosen is typical of the mind when it overtakes events. There is a basic need to learn to live happy, that is, should live day to day to not lose more energy than needed in the job search.

2. The fear of screwing up is also logical and natural, however, you have to take off the pressure off using your common sense. He thinks that a job interview is not like a university exam. Relax because the important thing is to be yourself.
3. Fear of fear itself also exists and is typical of those who suffer excessive prematurely in situations where they are going to be exposed to excessive pressure. This fear is overcome only training base facing situations like this.

4. The fear stems from the lack of self Рesteem and personal insecurities is also very real for all those who are victims of their own pessimism. If you go to a job interview  with a backpack full of negative thoughts, then, most likely not be chosen.
5. The fear of success is human, however, always copes better than the fear of failure. Fear of success can be experienced when a person feels he is in a job that is beyond their means. Job interview .

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